Cigar Review: Harry Potter ain’t got nothing on this Dragon

Fiery Pepper Packed Cigar
Fiery Pepper Packed Cigar

Cigar Name: Black Dragon (4.5 x 52)

Cigar Description: Ecuadorian Connecticut Maduro wrapper  around a Cameroon binder and encapsulating Dominican long fillers

Cigar Strength: Full

Review of the Cigar itself: We went to see new Harry Potter movie last night. Eh. Not bad but not great. In the end, I think I enjoyed many of the previews more than the book (GI Joe is top on the list!) I think, like the book, it was the stepping stone to the Grand Finale (which, I believe, will be a two-part movie release in a year or so). The cigar, however, isn’t a stepping stone. It’s a rather meaty and nice cigar although a little more attention to the detail of the cigar would be good. I noticed on mine that the wrapper near the cap was a bit loose and there was a few pieces of the wrapper missing at the foot (although that could be normal mishandling en route). The wrapper is nearly an ebony wood colour, giving light to the name of the cigar. As I examined the cigar, the sweet earthy scent of the Maduro wrapper came full force. Simply nice and inviting.

As I lit the foot, gentle wisps of blue and white came forth. Although the whitish ash gave a tender feel to it, the cigar itself felt dense and light at the same time. Almost a magical flare to it. As I started I noticed a toasty nut taste at the start and then, what I thought was eggs but then realized it was the spices. Specifically black pepper. As a kid, I’d often coat eggs with a nice sprinkling of salt and pepper. That’s what this reminded me of. Needless to say, this dragon has a bit of bite to it with a sweet leather taste in the background. And this is likely why it’s called a Black Dragon.

The black pepper taste continued as I got into the middle of the cigar. And the smoke changed to a mix of blue and brown. It’s not an overwhelming full cigar but just enough of a kick to make you notice. The same went for the smoke itself. Rather than be enveloped in a dark cloud, it was enough to carry the scent but not linger around in an annoying sense. As I continued through the middle portion, the sweet earthy smell I had noticed at the start began to come through as a flavour. It was nice. And although the appearance construction wasn’t initially the best, it didn’t detected or disturb the actual integrity of the cigars.

I had to relight this cigar a few times but I don’t think it was an issue with the cigar itself as much as it was the humidity today. It wasn’t too big of a deal and it did mean me puffing it a little more often. I did realize that I’ll have to get a few more (Awww.. shucks, darn. More cigars! What’s a guy to do?) to verify this. As I got into the last third, the ash was darker with blotches of black in dispersed in the grayish-white. The black pepper taste was far more stronger here than at the start and was making me hungry again for eggs, sunny-side up. By the time I got to the nub, the pepper became overwhelming and a bit much. Apparently, there was still a little bit of ferocity left in this little dragon.

Enjoyed with: water

Smoke time: approximately 70 minutes

Final Review Rating: 8.8/10

Tidbit: The US Navy has an Iowa-Class Battleship called “Black Dragon“.

Music listened to: Sly and Family Stone

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